Droopy Ears Rabbitry

Breeder of Mini Lop Rabbits in Perth, WA

                      Mini Lop Rabbits in Perth

Rabbits make great pets as they are very social creatures. They are easy to care for and their upkeep is inexpensive.
An added bonus is that they are quiet animals.  

Lop rabbits are easily recognizable with their adorable floppy ears.

The Mini Lop is one of several lop varieties recognized as a separate breed, and 1.4 to 1.6 kilograms would be an ideal weight for a fully grown Mini Lop rabbit.

We aim to provide families in Perth with wonderful pets of a high quality using breeding lines sourced from our own stock and other registered breeders in Australia.

We can also provide the Cylap vaccine when you buy a rabbit. The vaccine protects your rabbit from the Calici virus, offering full immunity from the two previous strains RHDV1 and RHDV1A. The new strain RHDV1 K5 due to be released in March 2017 is believed to also be covered by the Cylap vaccine. 

The RHDV2 strain currently does not have a specific vaccine available in Australia, but it is believed that the vaccine for the other strains will confer some protection. An accelerated vaccine schedule has been suggested. Please see http://www.ava.com.au/rabbit-calicivirus for more information.


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